Pepper Mint

Pepper is an educator, event organizer, and social theorist in the polyamory and BDSM communities. He has held numerous workshops on polyamory and kink subjects in the Bay Area, and has been instrumental in putting on events like Poly Speed Dating, the Threshold play party, and the OpenSF non-monogamy conference ( Pepper has been non-monogamous for most of his dating life and has been into S/M for the last decade - he brings a pragmatic and skills-oriented approach to his workshops.

Pepper Mint's Workshops

Polyamorous Meet-n-Mix

Are you one of the polyamorous, or just curious about it? Come meet other non-monogamous people at the Meet-n-Mix, where you can socialize, chow down, or ask questions. Hosted by Pepper Mint.

Type of workshop: Participation Appreciated