Parker (RopeBoi)

Parker (RopeBoi) is a queer & genderqueer rigger, primarily known for a distinctive style of self-suspension, as well as for tying people in quirky predicaments and highly mobile dynamic suspensions and trampling them under boots. In Parker's practice, rope is a versatile medium for enabling and disabling corporeal possibilities, presenting and overcoming impasses, instigating intense sensations, and suspending bodies in space. The textile architecture of these ephemeral tensile structures elevates, as rope and body mutually manipulate and iteratively reconfigure one another in an intra-active, fluid, mobile sculpture. Parker's performance work articulates with issues of abject and queer bodies, and engages questions of social bonds, boundedness, and boundaries, and the potentials for their transgression or transcendence. In these precarious times, Parker's performance work critically considers the suspended body, in its vulnerability and its potential energy, its uprootedness and uplift, its contingency and entanglement. Parker has had the privilege of learning from some preeminent rope instructors and tying with some amazing partners and collaborators, experiences which inform Parker's own tying and teaching, even as Parker borrows promiscuously from various sources. Parker respects and appreciates that all bodies are different and that there are no “one-size-fits-all” ties, and strives to foster an inclusive, affirming environment for adults of all bodies, histories, and identifications to learn and enjoy rope. Since 2009, Parker has presented rope workshops and performances across North America and Europe, at venues including Anatomie Studio (London), Bondage Club Ann Arbor, Bondage Expo Dallas, Bound in Boston, Dark Odyssey, Foundation for Sex-Positive Culture (Seattle), Hitchin' Bitches (Boston/New York/London), International Ms. Leather, NARIX, NELA Fetish Fair Fleamarket, Penumbra (PDX), Purple Passion (NYC), Rope Camp, RopeCraft Chicago, RopeLounge (Amsterdam), Ropes in Motion (Montreal), Shibaricon (Chicago), Subspace Studio (Toronto), Tension Montreal, TESFest (NJ), and VoxBody Studio (SF Bay Area). Parker lives in Brooklyn, New York. Parker's pronouns: any human pronouns (they/he/she) are fine.

Parker (RopeBoi)'s Workshops

Foundations of Self-Suspension

This hands-on class introduces Parker RopeBoi’s approach to self-suspension, including risks and risk-reducing measures, and similarities and differences in risk and approaches between self-suspension and partner suspension. The hands-on portion of the class will include some skill-building exercises for practicing key self-suspension skills, such as one-handed tying, tying without seeing, using your toes, using your core, and using your face. The class will teach a basic (relatively) static face-up self-suspension involving a hip harness and a chest harness. A basic up-line tie-off for this self-suspension will be taught. Planning and techniques for going up and coming down in this self-suspension will be covered. Proprioception, body awareness, and physical control in self-suspension will be introduced. Self-leveling and relative heights in self-suspension will be introduced.

Prerequisites: Facility with rope-handling techniques, controlling tension, attaching a new rope, square knot, half-hitch, single-column ties (e.g. Somerville Bowline, etc.), a basic arms-free chest harness (any type).

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo, Hands-On

Predicament Play

Predicament play refers to a variety of sadomasochistic/kinky activities in which there is a particular set of physical parameters (e.g. through rope, other restraints, and/or other devices) which simultaneously encourage and/or discourage different and mutually exclusive responses. The person in the predicament is faced with having to choose among, and lean into or away from, various painful or pleasurable or strange stimuli. Predicaments often involve a slow-burn, building up of intensity, from something that is set in motion initially and then becomes more difficult/painful/overwhelming over the ensuing seconds and minutes. Predicament play often appeals to the more creative, quirky, and even ridiculous SM players, bringing out our inner mad-scientist sadists & James Bond escape artists masochists. A predicament could be as complex as a Rube Goldberg machine--or as simple as being forced to stand on one leg until that becomes unbearably painful. Predicaments tend to involve being between a proverbial "rock and a hard place" while trying to figure a way out (even when there's probably no way out--just a choice between one sadistic trap and another). This class will present some general strategies and specific techniques for predicaments, risks and risk mitigation, ideas for how to plan and negotiate a predicament scene, skills for how to calibrate and adjust a predicament mid-scene, and some of my own favorite tricks and tools, including many "pervertables" everyday household items. A number of (what we expect will be highly entertaining) demonstrations of predicaments will show you some fun illustrative examples of ways to do predicament play.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo