Papa Bear Tony

Papa-Bear-Tony is a slightly sadistic service top and mad scientist with a significant caffeine addiction who loves any chance to talk, often loudly and at high speed. He has a life long fascination with electricity and kink and upon discovering tesla coils and violet wands a love affair was born. He has a true passion for assisting others to find their personal joy and will take any chance to share his. He is based out of Northern Virginia and has presented and demonstrated Violet Wand for Black Rose, Indecent Enterprises, and D~X~S, as well as numerous private parties and local kink clubs. He is a long term member of the International Violet Wand Guild and currently part of the IVWG steering committee.

Papa Bear Tony's Workshops

Violet Wand 101

Starting the lightning - This introduction to the Violet Wand is for anyone regardless of their level of experience. It is a unique blend of hands on demonstrations, guided experimentation and discussion. It covers the basics of electrical play styles, equipment handling and maintenance, negotiations, safety, advanced play options and buying on a budget.

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo, Hands-On

Violet Wand 201

Zap, zap, you know you like that! - This session is for the more experienced Violet Wand tops and bottoms, and will review safety in electric play, ensuring mechanical safety of your wand, and then the good stuff. Stepping up Violet Wand play, leads to some amazingly hot scenes, the wand can be a superior warm up tool and then add it to your edging repertoire to really create some fireworks. Also, how to effectively and safely perform internal VW usage.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion, Demo