Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox, or more commonly just Fox, is a pansexual kinkster who has spent more than half his life involved privately and/or publically within the kink community. A sadomasochist who mainly Doms/Tops, his focus is often on getting inside the minds of his partners before topping with knives, needles, rough body play, boot play, and more. His regular favorite activities usually base around making good connections with people to share good company, good conversation, good food, good cigars, and good play. Fox is also the proud founder of the Indecent Enterprises Event Label, producing events such as College Night @ The Crucible, The House Party, Tiny Terrors and The Extravaganza in the DMV area. Classes will begin with a lecture format, but will quickly bring in group participation, demonstration, and even fun visual aides. While a basic level of format and procedure will be maintained for structure and flow, overall Fox tends to be a very casual presenter, knowing that a relaxed environment assists in the discussion of occasionally difficult topics

Mr. Fox's Workshops

Leave the Ninja Sword, Take the Pocket Knife: Knife Play for Beginners and Beyond

Anyone can pick up a knife and claim to know how to do knife play. Anyone can buy the most ornate, triple bladed movie prop or fill a suitcase with knives and claim to be a blade master. In actuality, knife play whether for sensation, massage, pain, or artistic cutting, involves an understanding of the mechanics behind knife play, simple physics, and an understanding of the human body, not just a really big and ornate blade collection.

This presentation and demo will start at the basics and will finish with some more advanced concepts, topics of discussion include:
- Buying your blades
- Basics of human skin and pressure points
- Mechanics of knife play (how to hold the blade, how to apply pressure)
- Different styles of knife play

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo