Moose B. Almighty

Moose B. Almighty is a former circus sideshow entertainer turned professional body modification artist who began teaching fire play, play piercing, and cross contamination control, as well as performing as a fire dancer/breather and hand drummer, within the fetish community back in 2008.  After working alongside them for many years, in 2011 he joined Sacred Mark Sanctuary, and with them as tribe develops rituals which focus around body spirituality. Moose is currently a freelance artist and owner of Metal and Macbre on etsy.

Moose B. Almighty's Workshops

Butt Drumming

Using the ancient art of hand percussion to turn spanking into a whole new experience. Throughout time drumming has been used in ritual in order to influence/aid the attainment of trance like states. In this class you will learn how to use this same ancient art to create a deeper sense of top/sub space through spanking with rhythm. SMS’s very own Moose B. Almighty will go over proper playing position, hand positioning to create different tone, basic rhythms, how to advance your rhythm, incorporating toys, and musical genres to work with. Recommended for couples, but if you can’t find a “drum” and you still want learn the beats you can always come along and play on your knees.

Type of workshop: Demo, Hands-On

Getting to Know Your Needles: A 101 Class

Been curious about needle play but you’re not sure where to begin? Than this is perfect for you! Local body piercer and flesh sculptor extraordinaire Moose B. Almighty will be covering the bases and helping point you in the right direction. Covering cross contamination control/blood play safety, where to get your products, what you’ll need to start, how to do a proper set-up, questions for your bottom, piercing technique, sensitivity of location, styles of post piercing play, and safe removal. It’s step one down a long and winding road of sharp & sexy fun.

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo