Mistress Couple

Mistress Couple is the Head Mistress at La Domaine Esemar, the world’s oldest (and many say finest!) BDSM training chateau/ bed and dungeon! Named Couple for her switch tendencies and ballroom dancing career, Mistress Couple enjoys exploring D/s through an artistic and empathic lens. Known globally for her political humiliatrix character, Madame Hillary, Mistress Couple has been featured on VICE, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and The Daily Beast beating up a diaper clad Trump supporter. She is a primal, queer, femme, 1/2 hackney pony, 1/2 leopard, with a penchant for the eccentric. The weirder the better. Bring on the freaks!

Mistress Couple's Workshops

Balloon Bondage

Balloon Bondage is a fun and unusual pervertable sensory experience: the smooth feel of the latex on your skin, the different colors, the lightness, the static shocks and… the POP! Balloons can also be used to restrain and immobilize a willing victim into bondage or in predicament play, in designs that are as simple or as intricate and elaborate as your mind permits. You can also combine Balloon Bondage with other forms of play! Mistress Couple delights in introducing people to the joys of balloon bondage and welcoming kinsters into the “loonacy” of this somewhat misunderstood fetish. Come join us and experiment on your own!

Important Note: Folks who are allergic or sensitive to latex should not attend this workshop!

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo

I Scream Sundaes: Sploshing for Pleasure and Pain

Sploshing, also known as the Wet and Messy (WAM) fetish, involves the full-bodied clothed or naked enjoyment of liquids and pourable food items in a sexual way. You can create different sensations--a sticky texture, slippery textures, foods with intoxicating smells--and each one layers on top of each other to create an epicurean symphony. It is a sexy art form where you basically transform someone’s naked body into a palette and use food to build various titillating sensations! In this demo, Mistress Couple will show you how you and/or your submissives can interact sensually or sadistically with food, particularly ice cream sundae ingredients. Important Note: Folks who are seriously allergic to dairy or nuts should not participate in this workshop!

Type of workshop: Demo, Hands-On

Super You: Finding Your Dominance and Helping It Blossom

Everyone has the capacity for Dominance, but how do we dig down deep, and find the qualities that we want to amplify as our “super selves?” Join Mistress Couple as she talks about developing, not creating, a Dominant persona, with exercises to help you navigate figuring out a title, archetypes, ways to dress, and specialties of play.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

Tangle: The art of Power Exchange through Tango

Tango is the dance of dominance and submission, love and passion. What better way to learn the tango than in a class with the great Dominatrix and competitive ballroom dancer, Mistress Couple! Using D/s power exchange, bondage, proper ballroom and slave training postures, rhythm, timing, touch and other non–verbal communication techniques, Miss Couple will teach participants to dance a tango with all the heat her dungeon is known for. Afterwards, you can take that home for your own horizontal tangos! No partner necessary. Ginger Rogers said: “To dance is to learn to control oneself.” BDSM and Ballroom are both all about self-Mastery.

Type of workshop: Hands-On