Miss Jo

Miss Jo has been a part of the Sex Positive/BDSM community in Seattle and Canada for 5 years and the journey has been a fun twisting road for her. She identifies as a gleefully sadistic Top/Dom. She loves to laugh and definitely enjoys a good giggle while being incredibly sadistic to those that agree to bottom to her. Her kinks include: needle play, puppy play, and age play.

When she is not playing with her partners, Miss Jo enjoys reading, traveling to new countries and creating fun experiences for herself.

Miss Jo's Workshops

Elements of BDSM Scene Design

So you’re kinky, but now what? How do you figure out what to do? In this class, we’ll explore ways to mix kink into your bedroom or into your life in creative ways. We’ll discuss how to stay inspired and keep things fresh. You’ll come away with tricks and tools for designing BDSM scenes that will keep you and your partner(s) connected, entertained, and aroused, time and time again. Lecture & Demos.