Miss Amy Red

Miss Amy Red is, or sometimes identifies as: facilitator, instigator, service-oriented, poly-introverted, submissive, and occasional top. She's passionate about powerful education and empowered relationships. As a professional educator, her development handiwork has helped generate and refine a wide range of workshops with her partners over the years. Amy's solo teaching passions focus on service, training and power exchange taught largely from a bottom's perspective. She’s also the Maitre’d of Seattle's Libertine Social Club, a high-protocol service event, where she trains and provides guidance for house staff. Recently, you may have seen Miss Amy Red presenting for Portland’s Kinkfest, Seattle's Paradise Unbound, Vancouver's Westcoast Bound, or Dark Odyssey Surrender in San Francisco.

Miss Amy Red's Workshops

Artful Service

Whether giving or receiving service, there are practical skills involved in creating great service experiences. As we practice them, these skills allow us to explore intimacy through their artistic implementation. This class offers tools for turning up the connection in a given moment, refining service through constructive communication, and exploring the unique power and beauty in your own style of Artful Service.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

Personal Assistant's Clubhouse

This is a facilitated forum for sharing service-oriented assistant tools and techniques. Bring your questions, challenges, and awesome ideas for improving personal assistant service. Physical organization, calendaring, financial tools, ever-ready bags, self-care, predictive service and emergency improvisation skills. Miss Amy Red will bring the framework and a sampling of her own tools and experiences to get things rolling.

Type of workshop: Discussion