Master Hines

Master Hines formally joined the BDSM community in 1992 in Atlanta Georgia and moved to the bay area in 2003. Core to Master Hines’ BDSM philosophy is spirituality through power exchange. His technique and approach to SM puts heavy emphasis on the spiritual connection between Top and bottom. Master Hines has presented demonstrations, classes and private workshops throughout the Southeast since 1997 and in the Bay Area since 2000 when he was first invited to the Bay Area to present for Folsom Street Fair weekend. He is well respected for his flair and artistry with floggers and has given classes on many topics including Flogging, Spirituality and SM, Erotic Knife Play, Resistance Play, The SM of Hands, and Sensuous Caning. Master Hines is also an accomplished artist specializing contemporary painting. You can visit his web site at and

Master Hines's Workshops

Ten Techniques to Enhance Spirituality and Connection In Your Scene

How do we make a greater connection between top and bottom in a scene? This is by far one of my most important and dynamic SM presentations. It focuses upon the core issue of the psycho/spiritual connection between the top and bottom in the scene. Whether your scenes are sensory, sexual or sadistic this workshop will help you learn how, by utilizing the spiritual energy in your scene, you can create greater connection and headspace whenever you play. The workshop will cover spiritual/physical energy, making a connection, how to transcend ego and dualism and the meaning behind the term "power exchange." So come and enjoy this stimulating class on spirituality of SM.
Note: The reference to spirituality is solely meant metaphysically. Religion or religious philosophies are not a part of the presentation.