ligatures is a bootblack with a weakness for suffering, leather, and violence. She is the founder of Body Positive Yoga and a yoga teacher (E-RYT 200) who specializes in making yoga asana accessible for all bodies. She also seeks to make her local BDSM community a safer and more welcoming place for all. Her classes are built around agency, consent, self-care, and meeting yourself right where you are today.

ligatures's Workshops

Body Positive Yoga

Honor the body you bring to the mat today. Big bodies, creaky joints, non-yogis and beginners welcomed. This is low-pressure, judgment-free yoga taught by a big yogi who is passionate about adapting the practice to all bodies! Please bring a yoga mat or beach towel. (If you have concerns about whether this class is appropriate for you, please message ligatures on Fetlife ahead of time.) (PA)

Type of workshop: Hands-On, Participation Appreciated

Boot Play from a Bottom's Perspective

From shiny thigh high stilettos to well-worn steel toes and everything in between, boots are an extremely common fetish object for lots of folks. In this class, we'll explore many ways to use boots to create both pleasure and pain. A live demo will be interspersed with discussion on topics such as D/s elements and boot play, boot worship, being sadistic with your boots, how to incorporate bootblacking elements, and finally, sexual boot play from humping to harnesses. I'll discuss boot play from a bottom's perspective - what to look for in a top, how to negotiate this type of scene, mitigating risk, safety concerns, and aftercare.

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo

Bootblacking Basics

We will discuss basic leather care techniques that work for boots, toys and garments, as well as a few other boot-related topics such as boot play, boot worship and bootblacking etiquette. Finally, we'll demonstrate how to care for both oil tan and high shine boots. There will be opportunities for questions - so if you have leather that you are unsure how to care for, bring it with you and we'll take a look!

Type of workshop: Discussion

Rough Body Play From the Bottoms Perspective

Rough body play is a painful and intimate form of sexy violence. The punches, kicks, slaps, and bites create a great deal of heightened sensation, and the physical and mental effects can last long beyond the end of a scene. In this class (which is 50% technique and 50% bottoming skills), we'll talk about rough body play from a bottom's perspective. We'll discuss what to look for in a top, how to negotiate this type of scene, mitigating risk, safety concerns, and physical and mental aftercare when the scene is over. A live demo will be interwoven with the discussion in this dynamic class that will benefit bottoms, tops, and everyone in between.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo