JDSilver & Curious-one

JDSilver is a traveler, a teacher, a longtime BDSMer, and a rope-obsessed enthusiast always looking for the next erotically twisted adventure. He's been exploring rope bondage - both Japanese and Western traditions - for many years. It's been his good fortune to study with some incredible riggers, including Akira Naka, Gorgone, and Zamil. His work has been featured in magazines, art exhibits, and he's taught as well as performed all over. It's a life's passion: to create, via rope, states of suffering, of joy, of beauty. In that regard, he considers himself as sort of a painter, albeit his canvas is the human form, and his paint-filled brushes are strands of fiber.

Curious-one is a mischievous masochist, silly sadist, and primo pervert. She is a switch who has been described as a 'swiss army knife of kink', which amused her. She is the trusty sidekick and Jiminy Cricket of JDSilver. She brings to the table years of bottoming and topping experience with rope and all sundry aspects of BDSM.

JDSilver & Curious-one's Workshops

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Sensual Rope, Sadistic Mind

Connection is an overused term in play that gets a lot of airtime, but is seldom really delved into. Using rope in various exercises and games, we’ll explore what it really means to sync yourself up with your partner--physically, mentally, emotionally--and break down the elements of tying into its primal components. We’ll also look at Living Rope Vs. Dead Rope, and sensual/sadistic paradigms.

Please bring at least 3 coils of 8m rope and a victim--I mean, partner! (Intermediate to advanced.)

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo, Hands-On

Yo La Tengu

The Tengu ("Demon") tie--wherein the wrists are bound to the upper arms--isn't nearly as well-known as the classic Takate-Kote, but it has a wealth of fun and versatile uses that anyone with an interest in rope should add to their repertoire. We will explore a few versions of this tie, perhaps even invent new ones, and zero in on its many possibilities. Bring 5 coils of 8m rope and a partner. (Intermediate to advanced.)

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo, Hands-On