James Gordon, Rebecca Doll, & Miranda Jade

James Gordon, Rebecca Doll and Miranda Jade share membership in the House of Artemisia, a poly household which works and plays together. James holds a certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy and over the past decade has built an interpretation of power exchange which focuses on the individual taking power for themselves to bestow where they choose without dictates from state or society. Miranda Jade is a kinky intellectual slut with nerd credentials that include a degree from MIT. As a librarian and researcher she brings a high standard of fact-checking, as well as an excellent lemon-basil gin and tonic. Rebecca Doll, a self-described an "exhibitionist pain slut," delights in tweaking minds and leaving her audience with mouths agape at the end of her scenes. She puts an academic background, including a Masters degree in Education, to work studying the more twisted desires of the human mind such as the need for control, violence, and self-destruction. Together these three focus on an understanding of our darkest motivations that is firmly rooted in modern understandings of psychology and supported by peer reviewed research.