IPCookieMonster has been a kinky pansexual polyamorous pagan freak for several years, and has written extensively about her deliciously deviant lifestyle on FetLife and her blog, slutphd.com. In the “vanilla” world, she has one of the best jobs ever: she’s a professor of sociology who studies the BDSM scene. In the “chocolate” world, she’s a founding member of the firespinning troupe Hubris, and an occasional pole-dancing burlesque performer. When not trying to find polite academic ways to talk about “fucking women with a baseball bat,” flinging fire around her head, or taking off her clothes while hanging upside down naked from a pole, she’s been… researching… ways to have awesome switchy sex with lots of people and explain her results to others. You know, for science!

IPCookieMonster's Workshops

Fucking mean: How to have really kinky sex

Ever wanted to engage in "rough body play" while still having something that could reasonably be called sex? This class isn't about building complex scenes--it's about fucking someone up while fucking them (with whatever genitalia you have handy). We'll talk about how to leave someone bruised and weak at the knees from too many orgasms without any exotic dungeon furniture or fancy equipment. We'll cover all sides of this equation, from pure power exchange to vicious sadomasochistic sex to violent switching. Our focus will be on things you can do with your body (hands, mouth, feet, etc.) that leave someone feeling brutalized, used, and glowing with sexual satisfaction. And what would a workshop like this be without a little good old-fashioned demonstration?

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo

Getting what you want without asking for it

Good communication is about a lot more than words. This workshop will help people on all sides of the slash think about more effective ways to get what they desire from a scene or a partner without having to directly ask for it. We will also discuss some of the risks associated with this indirect communication strategy.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

How to fuck a Fem Dom

So much of our culture of feminine dominance is predicated on the assumption that the act of being penetrated places someone in a position of submission. This workshop will begin by discussing and then chucking that assumption. We will discuss both physical and mental strategies to keep someone in control while still getting thoroughly fucked--however they want, in whatever hole they want. (No assumptions will be made about genitalia, only gender).

Type of workshop: Discussion

Press Switch to Open

Have you spent years as a dom or a sub, secretly fantasizing about the other side? Are you a devoted hardcore switch, annoyed by a kink culture that keeps telling you that you just haven't made up your mind yet? Either way, this workshop is intended to help you better understand what it means to switch, and help you take your switching to a new level. We will discuss types of switches, how to construct switch dynamics with partners, and how to make switching extra sexy! Switching can be so much more than just trading off roles between encounters--we'll talk about how to strategically switch in a single encounter and how to build scenes that are deliberately power ambiguous. Power to the switch!

Type of workshop: Discussion