Graydancer lurks in the Rope Bondage Capital of the World, Madison WI, and travels often to present and perform.​ His podcast on rope & kink has been online since 2005 and he has facilitated over 60 Open Space "GRUE" events (including one coming to Ramblewood!). Along with teaching on BDSM with places like the Kink Academy, Gray has authored 3 novels, 2 blogs, and a lot of erotica, and LOVES Dark Odyssey.

Graydancer's Workshops


Modeled after the EMT Certification Practical Test, this class will present several role-playing bondage scenarios with “problems.” Various class members will be given the opportunity to role-play their reactions and solutions to the problems, followed by constructive discussion by the entire class facilitated by Graydancer. The goal is to provide a more visceral experience for tops and bottoms to identify potential issues in rope bondage and creatively develop strategies for solving them. Entertaining and often surprising, this class provides attendees with new insights into their own kink abilities.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

Leather History and Culture

Are you leather? Do you want to be? Some roll their eyes at the idea of “Old Guard”; others take off their covers out of respect for those who have passed. This class gives a perspective of the cultural phenomenon known as “leather” – gifted, earned, rebel motorcycle clubs, Stonewall, AIDS, competitions, bootblacking, and more. We will engage in controversial subjects like gender, orientation, cultural appropriation and privilege, but don’t let that scare you; we will also talk shop about cruising, rough sex, cigars, piss, and cocksucking. Graydancer, editor of the leather documentary “Sisterhood of the Sash” and former DO Dirty Pig, gives an entertaining and thought-provoking introduction to the legend, culture, and personal journey that is “Leather.”

Type of workshop: Lecture

Two Play: The Art of Making Out

Rediscover the lost art of the backseat, the front porch, the stolen moments in the coat room. This is a class to rekindle the pleasures of first and second base, to explore and develop the skills that charge those make-out sessions with romantic connections that last a lifetime. Topics range from practical tips on kissing to the Ancient Kama Sutra Secrets of the Grope and cultivating the attitude of erotic anticipation that leads to That Great Kiss. Step by step, each skill building on the next, by the end you’ll be full of ideas of how to make making out outstanding. Please bring a practice partner, all genders & orientations welcome. This class has also been featured on the Kink Academy website.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

WOO-WOO WTF: Scene Energy for Skeptics

When it works, kink and BDSM can be a profoundly moving experience, sometimes described as “touching the divine.” But if “the divine” is not part of your worldview, you can be left wondering what the hell it was that you touched! Graydancer uses this class to explore non-spiritual contexts for understanding “scene energy,” from neurochemistry to Eastern medicine to neurolinguistic programming and evolutionary models. More importantly, the class will help you develop strategies for dealing with that energy when it happens in a constructive way for both yourself and your partner. You don’t have to ignore it when the woo happens, nor does it have to freak you out. Knowledge is power, and learning how to get what you want out of the weird shit that happens in a scene can add a powerful tool to your kinky skillset.

Type of workshop: Lecture