Frozen Meursault

Frozen Meursault is a paramedic and educator by day, dominant sadist and educator by night. He loves to make pretty women cry and teach others how to safely do the same. His classes are informed heavily based on his emergency medicine experience and his successes and failures in kink. Frozen Meursault has presented nationally at DO: Winter Fire, DO: Fusion, DO: Surrender, Paradise Unbound, Bound in Boston, The Floating World, The Geeky Kink Event, and TES Fest and for a number of regional groups such as the TES, Black Rose Society, Rochester Kink Society, Syracuse D/s Society, Kingston Ontario Kinksters, The Kraken’s Lair, and The Center in Montreal. He routinely travels throughout the North Eastern United States and Eastern Canada to present, but is available for engagements elsewhere as well. He has taken his love of teaching in to other circles through his corporate training business. Connect with Frozen Meursault through, on Twitter via @FrozenMeursault, or through e-mail via Comments, questions, concerns, criticisms, and apple rhubarb pie recipes are always welcome.

Groups/Events Presented For:
Giotto’s Open House
Rochester Kink Society
Kingston Kinksters (Kingston Ontario)
FetFest Play Space
FetFest Con 2013
The Floating World 2013
The Floating World 2014
Syracuse D/s Society
The Center (Montreal, Quebec)
Bound in Boston
Rochester GRUE
Geeky Kink Event 2013
Paradise Unbound
Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire 2014
Dark Odyssey: Fusion 2014
Dark Odyssey: Surrender 2014
Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire 2015
Frolicon 2015
Dark Odyssey: Summer Fest 2014
Dark Odyssey: Surrender 2015
Fap Con 2

Frozen Meursault's Workshops

Caning 101

The cane is often an intimidating implement but this class seeks to provide a fun introduction to get student going quickly. Cane materials, safety, techniques, and ways to engage in layered play with canes will be discussed. Students will see how to use the cane in a variety of ways and positions to achieve their desired objectives. More sensual methods will be mentioned but the general focus of the class is towards intense up to painful sensations. This class is taught by a gleeful sadist so expect there to be some suffering.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion, Demo

Good Responses to Bad Problems

Problems will happen, ignoring this hastens and worsens that eventuality. Whether you play lightly in the bedroom or scare people out of dungeons you will be better prepared to deal with a problem or emergency following this class. Based on experiences as a paramedic and instructor for new as well as experienced emergency responders FrozenMeursault will ensure students are as prepared as possible mentally and physically. Bring any safety equipment you may have with you.

Type of workshop: Lecture

Introduction to Blood Play

Blood can evoke powerful responses: fear, lust, panic, revulsion. Blood can be a sign a scene went terribly wrong or incredibly right. Whether the goal of a scene is to draw blood, or if blood is a possible yet unintended result, students will leave class feeling more confident around blood. Participants will know that their precautions and concerns are based in science, not misinformation. The class will touch on needle play and cutting. A safe and efficient means of blood collection for immediate use will be taught. If you are curious about, or already in to, blood play (or activities involving blood), or serve in a safety capacity this class may be beneficial.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo

Rough Body Play Above the Shoulders

This class will cover simple things to do above the shoulders to produce strong and potentially painful sensations with your hands or the most minimal of equipment. Slapping, punching, pressure points, and some focused bondage will be covered.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo