Finn woke up one day and realized he was an educator. Unsure how this happened, he decided that if people were listening, he better come up with something good to say. Sometimes known as that chain guy, he strives to make his teachings accessible, incorporating personal experience and as much humor as he can muster. When he's not teaching, he can often be found organizing orgies or creating safe spaces for his fellow queers to come together.

Finn's Workshops

Intro to Queer Theory

In this entirely non-academically based class, Finn will talk about the new wave of queers storming the scene (spoiler alert: we've ALWAYS been here. Double spoiler alert: we were here first) In the past 17 years, Finn has identified as every letter in LGBTQ acronym at some point or another. He's been in leadership positions in both the lesbian and gay men's leather scenes and he's been hosting orgies, mixers and various other shenanigans for the glitter unicorn rainbow brigade for over 5 years. Basically, he's been around the queer block and back again.In this class, he'll talk about his experiences, he'll explore some of the many, identities in the queer community, and try to make everyone a little more comfortable with the concept of queerness, whether its your own, or you just want to be more of a friend to the community.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion