Ra was the featured artist at Winter Fire 2016. His work has been displayed in several galleries and competitions in Washington D.C, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, and Detroit. He has been published domestically and internationally. Ra focuses on capturing unique impressions of the human form. He shoots primarily in the studio, integrating dramatic lighting with his subjects. In 2010 he was introduced to the kink community and began expanding his work into the erotic realm. His work tends to focus around projects, exploring the human condition through either his subjects or by challenging the viewers. His “Scars” series in particular captured the essence of humanity, challenging people to bare their innermost physical secrets. The series proved to be cathartic to his subjects, displaying beauty and power by revealing physical “flaws”. One subject stated, "I used to dislike my scars ... It took me a long time to accept them...now I think they are beautiful, and for that I owe him gratitude I may never be able to fully express." Ra’s erotic work blends people from all ages, body shapes, and ethnicities. He captures kink in a sensual, humorous, and sometimes political manner. Discussion of a piece is as important to him as the creation. You can see more of his work at: www.eyeofraphoto.com