Dom Guido

Generally, Dom Guido is mostly known for his phrase "gasp for joy", as breathplay is one of his best kinks and activities he demonstrates the most. Aside from that, he's been running the Cigars On The Porch munch/social for 3 years, and has been an avid cigar aficionado for over 7 years. He is always looking to branch out & combine kinky activities to enhance play. He has been in the lifestyle publicly and privately for several years. He comes from a very spiritual background in how he views most things in life, including the dynamics of the lifestyle. In his professional life, hes work daily with high diversity of persons at many different functioning levels, but common to all are basic needs and desires and motivations, each individually expressed and colored by their circumstance. Such is also the case of those whom he has come to know of and become involved with in the lifestyle. He has regularly done demo work at Studio58 and Charm City Play Space, as well as presented at EPIC in 2015 and 2016. You will find him at various playspaces in the Mid-Atlantic area or munches and at Dark Odyssey camp events, probably cooking up good stuff for his fellow kinky campers.
Favorite Cigar: Kristoff Maduro

Dom Guido's Workshops

From Leaf to Ash: Cigars & Play

This is part educational, part participatory class, so bring a willing bottom and a cigar of your own or cigars will be provided if you need one or wish to try. You don’t have to light up or go hands on if you don’t wish to but it will add to the enjoyment I assure you. Welcome to pretty much most everything essential you want to know about cigars and playing with them, for practical kinky use and enjoyment. From knowledge of the leaves & plants and seeds and selecting your cigars to making them ready for use and service and enjoyment, to actual demonstration in play techniques that even novice or new cigar kink players can use easily and build on to enhance their play and dynamics. No late admittance please.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Hands-On, No Late Entry

Making Your Knifeplay Pop!

So, a lot of people love impact, a lot of people love knifeplay, a lot of people love making kinky things that look pretty. Here's a class that will show a way to do all of that together and make it rock. First we start with a design in mind, that will be carefully scratched onto the back of the demo bottom or your bottom. The object is not to draw blood, but to allow for slight skin breaking to occur in the patter or design you outline. You can draw it on ahead of time or stencil. Next we will dress the back down with an astringent or rubbing alcohol to set the design and scratches made by the knife. Now comes the ouchie part, using impact of hands and or flogging, we will entice blood flow to the knifeplay area to the point of making the knife marks in the design pop out. Added effect, wait about 20-30 minutes and if you've done it well enough, like a self-developing picture, the design should intensify in outline and the pain should increase and remain steady for some time after the scene is complete.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo