Dmitri E. Ville

Dmitri E. Ville is a 55 year old, Bisexual, Polyamorous Dominant. He has been involved in the Leather Lifestyle since 1993 but seriously involved himself in the BDSM lifestyle in 1995. Once a designer and maker of BDSM leather products and Owner of E-Ville Designs. He has gone into semi-retirement from making BDSM toys but still teaches classes by request. A member of the Society of Janus, Dmitri is a fun loving, caring, sensitive, sensual Sadist with a firm but caring hand of guidance who enjoys intense play that often incorporates floggers and single tails. He is the winner of the short whip competition held at the October 2000, Malicious Masquerade in Chicago, IL. His original efforts in 2005 to create a feeder contest to the International Master/slave contest in Northern Calif are what eventually became the North West Leather Conference Master/slave contest. At which SMOdyssey recognized him by asking Dmitri to Co MC the 1st Contest in 2006. For those of you who enjoy the mystique of Vampires, ask him to smile for you. Yes, He bites! {v^^^^v}/

Dmitri E. Ville's Workshops

Kinky Maker's Fair: Make your own Bull whip or Snake whip

Using supplies purchased from local hardware and sporting goods stores, you will learn to make a bull or snake whip that is impressively accurate and extremely easy to throw.
There is a materials cost for this class
Kits will be prepared.
Class is 2.75 hours and limited to 20 people who will work in pairs.
Pre-registration and pre-payment required.

Type of workshop: Hands-On