Courtney Jane

Courtney Jane (CJ) has been involved in the kink community for almost a decade, heavily involved in the Boston area,San Francisco Bay area, and now Seattle. She is the founder of KinkyCon, a NH based kink conference that has been ongoing since 2009. She has taught around the country, including NELA's Fetish Fair Fleamarket, San Francisco's Citadel, and Dark Odyssey.

CJ is passionate about connection, self awareness and energetic play. She enjoys discussing kink psychology and understanding why we do what we do. Her biggest kinks include energy play, rope, impact, kinky poker, and fisting!

Courtney Jane's Workshops

A Fistful of Fun

Have you ever wanted to connect with your partner on such a level that you feel a need to use your hands over any other appendage? Join Courtney Jane for a discussion and demo that covers the basics of anatomy, safety, technique, and energetic exchange for fisting. Be prepared for the emotional roller coaster as we dive fists first into the mind and body of deep surrender. Fair warning, there will be orgasms, and maybe even some tears!

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo

Group Sex: Threesomes and Orgies and Gang bangs OH MY!

Have you ever fantasized about experiencing sex with a few extra people thrown into the mix? The more the merrier, isn't that the saying? Well let's take a few steps back and discuss the psychology of what we are asking for, delve into the expectations placed on the act, and figure out what it actually takes to make your fantasy a reality.