CatalyticIntent & Kitty

CatalyticIntent is a community leader, educator, and polyamorous kinky cuddleslut. Over a decade of experience in kink and non-monogamy has taught CatalyticIntent that every experience gives you the opportunity to learn more, be more, and do more (except the ones that don't). While a geeky techie at heart, his kink brings him back to his primal element and sates his lust for power.

Kitty is a cis-female switch who lets you know she cares by getting stuff done for you. Her first love in life was stories; books, TV shows, movies, comics, you name it. Her love of stories turned out to be a love of characters, and her love of characters grew into an academic fascination with humans, and human relationships. Unsurprisingly, by day (and sometimes at night) she works in mental health, but at home and in the dungeon, she enjoys the extra layer of complexity that comes from adding Kink and BDSM as another way to explore, play, and grow.

CatalyticIntent & Kitty's Workshops

Elements of BDSM Scene Design

So you’re kinky, but now what? How do you figure out what to do? In this class, we’ll explore ways to mix kink into your bedroom or into your life in creative ways. We’ll discuss how to stay inspired and keep things fresh. You’ll come away with tricks and tools for designing BDSM scenes that will keep you and your partner(s) connected, entertained, and aroused, time and time again. Lecture & Demos.