Caroline Carrington

Conscious Relationship & Intimacy Coach and Certified Tantra Educator. Caroline Carrington (Duracell on FL) is a Conscious Relationship & Intimacy Coach, a Certified Tantra Educator and Dakini empowering people to step into the fullest expression of themselves. Caroline has spent years studying the art of relationships and energy play in various forms including BDSM, Tantra, Polyamory and Bhakti Yoga. Caroline is available for private sessions, experiential workshops and personalized intensives.

Caroline Carrington's Workshops

Oh God! Tantric Power and Surrender

For over 2000 years Tantric Adepts have been skilled in the ecstatic states available in sexuality.In this class you will combine key principles of BDSM with the foundational techniques of Tantra: How energy works in your body, a scene, and within your partner. You will practice how to create a link with anyone, expand sensory bliss, & deepen your power exchange. Join Francesca Gentille (Priestess) and Caroline Carrington who are Dakini's, Relationship Coaches, and teachers of Sacred Sexuality & Sacred BDSM.