Cannon & Killjoy

Cannon is a rope top whose style emphasizes intimacy, connection and control. With nearly fifteen years of experience, and teaching and performance credits throughout North America, he brings both authenticity and accessibility to audiences of all skill levels. Killjoy’s bottoming style is playful, sensual, and emotionally complex. As an educator she is passionate about consent, active/engaged bottoming, and building connective experiences from both sides of the exchange. Together, they have presented for groups such as Shibaricon, Bondage Expo Dallas, Dark Odyssey, Ropecraft, and

Cannon & Killjoy's Workshops

Building & Maintaining Your Pet Dynamic

In this class, which is suitable for newbies and established players alike, pet switches Cannon/Pistol and Killjoy/Bun will delve into the emotional components of this relationship style. What is a pet dynamic, and why might we pursue one? What needs might these roles fulfill? What dynamics are possible beyond that of submissive pet/dominant human owner? Together, we’ll all explore techniques for gaining a deeper understanding of our personas, as well as tools for building and reinforcing our dynamics on a daily basis. Whether you woof, meow, squawk, growl, chirp, or just want to get close to a special critter, this class is for you!

Type of workshop: Discussion

Suspension Bottoming for the Reluctant Masochist

There are countless reasons to be drawn to rope – but for many of us, pain isn’t chief among them. So what’s a non-pain slut to do when her chosen medium is liable to provide a whole lot of ouch? In this class, Killjoy will work through a transition sequence, sharing the active bottoming techniques she uses to mitigate pain, strain, and risk in suspension. Topics will include managing load, differential muscle engagement, breathing techniques, self-adjustments, and tweaks (for both tops and bottoms) that can make familiar poses more comfortable and sustainable. Demo, with discussion and/or skillshare to follow if time permits.

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo, Hands-On