Bri Burning

Bri Burning is a femme, queer, slave, babygirl, masochistic, non-monogamous identified human. She has been active in the SF/Bay Area kink community for over seven years. The passion for self-love, service, and many dynamics in her life and others grew within those seven years of exploration. Her journey as a presenter started in 2015 at the SF Citadel and at Dark Odyssey: Surrender. She is the event host of Luscious and moderator of Submissive Safe Space held at the SF Citadel. She has done service for the Citadel, and volunteered for many events. She enjoys demo bottoming for seminars, classes, and newbie munches as an experienced bottom. Most of all she enjoys growing as an individual and with those in the kink community.

Bri Burning's Workshops

Self-Care: You Come First

Self-Care is not selfish, but rather an act of love towards yourself. In this class we will go over planning, communication, self-awareness, boundaries, and more tools for your self-care routine.