Blondie is a polyamorous pansexual bottom with a penchant for rope bondage and sexiness. She has been in the scene in some form for almost 15 years, and teaches to a variety of classes, often in tandem with her partners. She is one of the leaders of the Washington, DC educational group, DC Rope, and teaches bottoming portions of classes such as Negotiation and Consent, Sadistic Ties, Intro to Suspension, Multiple Transitions, and more. She is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, and is an enthusiastic proponent of bottom education and body-awareness. She has taught classes at events including Snowbound, Interfusion Festival, and DO Fusion, and for organizations such as The Crucible and Black Rose.

Blondie's Workshops


A discussion-based workshop on how to apply poly communication skills to navigating a large convention. We use examples drawn from our experience and that of audience members to illustrate how to adapt tools and communication skills developed in poly relationships to the intense/compressed experience of attending a con with one or more partners. (While we grew our skills etc in a poly setting, these tools are useful to anyone, poly, mono, or undecided!)

Type of workshop: Discussion

Yoga for Rope Bottoms

A vinyasa flow that focuses on body/spacial awareness and targets areas that are often useful for those who bottom for rope. (E.g. twists for torsion, active stretching for joint flexibility, and strength building for endurance and safety.) Breathing is also incorporated, not only for the yogic purposes, but also to assist bottoms getting used to using it for focus and pain processing in scenes. The class typically runs anywhere from 60-75 minutes for the actual yoga with an option for specific questions, etc. at the end.

Type of workshop: Hands-On