Anton brings together a scientist’s obsession with understanding, a teacher’s skill at explaining, and a pervert’s lifelong fascination with consensual intimate power. He has spent his life not only wielding power over willing partners, but also deciphering the details of how power exchange works and why. Anton has been teaching power exchange since 2003, spent a decade training sex educators, and is the author of The Heart of Dominance: a guide to practicing consensual dominance.

Anton's Workshops

Inviting Surrender

Do you crave control over an eager partner? Start your Surrender weekend by learning to initiate power exchange with confidence and grace. In this interactive workshop, Anton will present a road map for inviting our partners to surrender control to us and creating a power dynamic that’s both scrupulously consensual and deeply felt. Learn techniques for making the transition from “Hi, nice to meet you,” to “Get down and lick my boots” with style.