In the world of rope bondage and BDSM, you would be hard pressed to find a presenter as dedicated to their craft and the lifestyle as Aeolis Est. Bringing an intense love and dedication to all things rope & sadism, their classes, presentations, and performances showcase not only precision and skill, but passion and sheer eroticism. Through the years, Aeo has explored the richness and beauty of rope bondage, from eastern to western, forging their own special brand of rope play which blends the many differing styles found in the rope community today.

With each new thing learned and experienced, Aeo’s commitment to learning everything they can about the art they adore continues to grow, which shows not only in the classes they share, but in the excitement and passion they bring to everything they do. In presenting, Aeo utilizes this passion in sharing their own particular love of rope, and invites others to travel along this path with them to a greater understanding of the subject we all love.

Aeolis's Workshops

Chaos Rope - The art of the undefined, the unplanned

We are told time and again that rope bondage must be done a certain way, that it must use these specific knots, these specific patterns. Those patterns can be fun and useful in bondage play, but sometimes you want to step outside the box, to just tie what feels right and explore the patterns that form naturally on your partner's body. In this class we will discuss techniques for people of all rope skill to explore each other in ways that don’t use patterns, but rather the bondage is done by “listening” to the bottom’s body, and just goin’ with the flow.

Type of workshop: Discussion

Creative Suffering - Seeking that edge

Edgeplay can mean many things to many people, but to quite a few, it is a catch-all phrase that covers most forms of extreme play. From chemical injections to insect play, extreme fantasies, and the just downright brutal. But how do you prepare for it? Where can you go to learn? And once you have knowledge, how do you talk about it with a potential partner? This lecture is all about finding ways to do research, how to set up a risk profile, and figuring out ways to mitigate as many risks as possible. And then, making sure that you know enough for the “informed” part of informed consent.

Type of workshop: Lecture

The Futumomo - The beauty of the folded leg

An introduction to futumomo shibari, and how it can be used. We will be covering several variations, from the quick and dirty to the “Oh, wow that’s sustainable!”

Type of workshop: Lecture

The Power of Ritual - Exploring protocol and establishing D/s rituals

Protocol and ritual are fundamental aspects of the power exchange, and is what establishes the foundation for sustainable and exciting relationships. What is the difference between the two? How does one go about crafting them, and how do you fit them into your life? These are the questions we will explore, and together we will craft some useful tools for implementing them into your dynamic.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion