The "Fishbone" Arms-Front Chest Harness

Cannon’s “Fishbone Harness” is an advanced skill-level chest harness which attractively binds the bottom’s arms in front of their torso. It is ideal for those with limited flexibility and injuries, as well as those looking for alternatives to harnesses which bind the arms behind the back. It is suitable for intimate floorwork as well as suspension. This is a complicated tie with many steps, requiring highly proficient rope handling. Novices and intermediate-level students may find the tie to be challenging to follow along with, but are welcome to observe. At least three 25-30' lengths of rope and a partner is required. Tying this harness with rope thicker than 8mm (5/16") is very difficult.

Presented By:
Cannon & Killjoy

Type of workshop: Demo, Hands-On

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