Awakening our Primal Forms

(Lecture & Practice, Ritual)
In the beginning, there was nothing, and then came the first thoughts, concepts, words, energies, and states. Shortly thereafter, more complex and intricate variations came into existence and subsequently become the norm. Yet each derivation can still be traced back to the cardinal or simple forms from which their power stems. Primal concepts such as Predator, Prey, Master, Slave, Protector, and Child, can evoke a variety of images and scenarios to explore. These archetypes or primal forms and energies can be accessed to empower us in the various actions we take. In each of us, there exists a connection to these energies and states. As our lives grow more and more complex, we often forget about this and lose touch with our primal aspects. Primal energy is a very powerful and raw force that is often misunderstood. It can be used with precision and purpose if we have our beings and intents aligned and ready. In this ritual, we will access raw and primal energies to reawaken our connection to this source and embrace it within ourselves.

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Type of workshop: Discussion

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