SASS - Seasoned All-In Switches & Supporters

CHOC TREI is the founder of SASS and its international counterpart: SASSI. She is a bisexual switch that tops and bottoms for educational activities or with her intimate network. She rarely switches in dynamic, but loves a slaves’ heart. Choc has served as an executive director for ONYX Pearl South East ( as Vice President, and for Leather Leadership Conference ( as Treasurer for the 2016-2017 terms. She emerges as a staunch supporter of organization for education, training and mental health of lifestyle participants. Protection of personal privacy and decriminalizing BDSM practices between consenting adults are her personal causes. As a teenage runaway and high school drop-out, she mentors TNG and at risk-youth based on earned dual undergrad degrees in Finance/Ops Mgmt and an MBA. Choc is the Chief in The House of TREI. As a female head of household, she co-founded the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC - pronounced "lock"):

JADEN LEE is the 2017 President of SASS DC. Her role is to find other DC/VA/MD players and to establish consistent meet-ups and demos. She is a pansexual sadomasochist little, who enjoys the small things in life. She has been in the lifestyle for 4 years and is ready to help build a stronger community.  She believes that beauty can be found everywhere and within everyone.  Her goal is to help others to embrace who they are and to love that person even more.

KAE TREI is the 24/7 collared consensual slave and property of Mistress Choc. He is the co-founder of SASS Atlanta whose bottom role is only with his mistress or serving the general community. He is the SASS DM as certified by 1763, which is the SASS home dungeon ( and the Red Chair in AL. Alpha K is a co-producer of SUBMIT, an annual event in which s-types or switches in bottom mode educate and train together. As an associate of Onyx Pearls Southeast, Kae is head bartender on bar nights. He is on a leather boy to Sir path. Alpha K is the Commander in The House of Trei.

MZVRON is the 2017 Vice-President of SASS DC who will lend her talent to grow the DC/VA/MD group and launch media for start-up outreach. Vron is a self-identified polyamorous, bisexual, hedonist, vampire. She has been in the lifestyle for 4 years in various capacities and has already learned a great deal from both sides of the slash. Her goal is to begin a group of kinky vampires and/or vampire play in a way that fosters the holistic wellness, fulfillment and growth of both herself and its members.

RENEE is leader of Seasoned All-In Switches & Supporters, International, designed for outreach to help other SASS Chapters form and to network with other switch / unlabeled / tops / bottoms and versatile groups globally. She has been in the lifestyle for over 10 years. Being a switch with little girl masochist tendencies has opened her eyes to a wonderful world of self-acceptance and growth. She hopes to educate others on how to identify the difference between abuse and healthy dynamics in the lifestyle and how to be self-aware of your needs. She wishes much love and energy to all. Renee is Sergeant in The House of Trei.

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