RiggerJay is a Canadian-born, Baltimore-based rope enthusiast who has been sharing his passion for rope and photography at a number different events in the US and Canada for nearly a decade. With the philosophy of “watch-follow-learn, then make it your own”, he has led the formation of many rope groups and he has shared his knowledge at events up and down eastern seaboard and many other places. RiggerJay is honoured to have worked with Lee Harrington on his latest edition of “Shibari You Can Use” as wells as “More Shibari You Can Use”. You can follow his photography at http://riggerjay.tumblr.com.

RiggerJay's Workshops

Boudoir Photography

Don't let your camera equipment top you! With so much of the kinky play being an opportunity for making art, porn and capturing memories, let's look at how to make photography a part of our erotic journey. From understanding the technology of higher-end digital cameras (like what all of those dials mean and do) to lighting, we will dive into the technology to help make photos you can be proud of (including pictures on a budget). And for those of us who are taking pictures of people other than our lovers - let's look at respect and consent with our models, including using model releases for ensuring consent for the future. In this demonstration and lecture, we will also discuss what you want out of photo-play, making photo-play sexy and fun! This class is intended for beginners, and is a lecture/demo. A camera is NOT required.

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo

Great Escape Rope Games

What could be more fun than playing games with rope?! Come to this interactive class and find out just how much fun with rope you can have. Do you like to test your ties against a bottom to see if they are securely bound? Do you enjoy struggling and wiggling out of rope ties? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this is the class for you! Participate in a series of timed events in which your skills of tying and escaping will be challenged. Participation is not required; watching the games is quite an amusing and educational experience as well!

Some rope (4+ x 25-30 ft hanks of rope; clothesline or something similar from your local hardware store would work) is needed to make the most of this event, also bringing friends to work with will also increase the enjoyment of the session.

Type of workshop: Hands-On

I Know a Few Ties; Now What?

After getting your first rope and attending a intro class it can be hard to get going. I often hear “ok I can tie an arm... Now what?”. This class shows you the fun that can be had with just the fundamental ties and how to take the next steps in growing your skills, including: warm-up/foreplay with rope, play time vs practice, tying with intent, and bondage for sex. A partner you play with as well as rope (clothesline or something similar from your local hardware store would work for this class) is required to get the most out of this class.
Pre-Reqs: Can tie one and two column ties and a chest harness
Rope Required: 4 x 25-30 ft hanks of rope

Type of workshop: Hands-On

Intro to Rope Bondage

Rope play has been entering into the spotlight for kink enthusiasts during the past few years, it is even making headway into popular culture. There are lots of great resources online if you know where to look but this can be daunting. RiggerJay, a Baltimore based rope enthusiast, will help you get going with a hands-on course to teach you some basics of rope play. He will cover:

*a brief history on Japanese rope,
*what ropes and why,
*several fundamental ties,
*and where you can go from there.

A partner to work with as well as rope (clothesline or something similar from your local home hardware store would work for this class) is required for this class.

Type: Tie-along
Experience: Introductory
Pre-Reqs: None
Rope Required: 4 x 25-30 ft hanks of rope
Duration: 60-90 min

Type of workshop: Demo, Hands-On

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