MrsB is a sadistic switch who is passionate about sharing her kinky knowledge. She enjoys rope, cuddling, good conversation, joking around, and intense play, often all at the same time.She has been an active member of the Chicago kink community since 2004, and she proudly leads the Chicago chapter of Hitchin' Bitches. She teaches regularly in Chicago, and has presented for Dark Odyssey, Ohio Smart, AIS, Westcoast Bound, Leather SINS, Shibaricon, and various other local and TNG groups throughout the US.

MrsB's Workshops

Beautiful Boys: Tying the Male Form

A class for male-identified rope bottoms and the people who want to want to tie them. We'll create ties that accentuate the best attributes of the male physique, and explore ways to face challenges unique to male-bodied bottoms. This is a hands-on, intermediate class.

Type of workshop: Hands-On

Bondage for the Flexibly Challenged

Rope bondage strategies and alternatives for people of all body-types, ages, and levels of ability who love rope bondage, but find themselves physically unable to execute some of the more common bondage poses. This is a hands-on class, Beginner or Intermediate level.

Type of workshop: Hands-On

Open Wide! Playing with the Mouth

Of so many kinky activities to choose from, what better thing is there to do than explore that wet, inviting hole in your partner’s face? From rope and twine to chopsticks, floss, clothespins, food & spices, and weights, there are so many amazing ways to use that warm, moist, intimate playground that is the mouth. We will explore lots of ways to torture, tease, and please! Please bring some rope or twine, some safety shears, and whatever other crazy tools and implements you want to use –we’ll find a way to use them!

Type of workshop: Lecture, Hands-On, Participation Appreciated

Yes And: Positive Negotiation for More Satisfying Play

Negotiation can be nerve-wracking for lots of people, because so much emphasis is placed on boundaries, limits, and “no.” But what if we shifted our focus to finding the “yes?” while still outlining our boundaries clearly? This class outlines some of the tenets of Improv and teaches how we can incorporate them into our kinky negotiations, for more positive, fulfilling encounters.

Type of workshop: Lecture

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