Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox, or more commonly just Fox, is a pansexual kinkster who has spent more than half his life involved privately and/or publically within the kink community. A sadomasochist who mainly Doms/Tops and occasionally bottoms/subs, his focus is often on getting inside the minds of his partners before topping with knives, needles, rough body play, boot play, and more. His regular favorite activities for large weekend events usually base around making good connections with people to share good company, good conversation, good food, good cigars, and good play. Fox is also the proud founder of the Indecent Enterprises Event Label, producing events such as College Night @ The Crucible, University Night @ CCPS, Study Night @ Studio 58, The House Party, Tiny Terrors and The Extravaganza in the DMV area.

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