Miss Amy Red

Miss Amy Red is, or sometimes identifies as: instigator, service-oriented, polyamorous, cat herder, active bottom, treasured property, rope partner, submissive and occasional top. Most of all, she is passionate about powerful education and empowered relationships. She’s had the good fortune to share her passions at conferences across North America including West Coast Bound, Dark Odyssey Surrender, Dark Odyssey Fusion, Kinkfest, and COPE. Her class topics include service, training, objectification, and power exchange relationships taught largely from a bottom's perspective.

Miss Amy Red's Workshops

Honored Objects

This class teases objectification apart from the often-commingled concepts of humiliation and degradation. We’ll look at ways we already objectify while still acknowledging the value, purpose and appeal of those objects. Then we’ll explore some tools we can use to turn up the volume on those dynamics for even more hot connection.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

Service: Devotion in Deed

Service relationships come in as many shapes and sizes as there are people who engage in them. What is it that makes some of these relationships so powerful and intimate? Participants are invited consider how service fits into their relationships, what each side of the exchange gets from it, and what can be done to fine-tune for sustainable service relationships. Whether you’re newly curious or seasoned and experienced in service relationships, this workshop offers useful tools for exploring and enhancing your unique service dynamics.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

Teaching from Below

This class addresses ways for “s-types” to foster the development of dominant partners without disrupting the desired power dynamics. How can you tell when you have valuable and useful information to offer? Where’s the line between useful information and the much-maligned “topping from the bottom”? We’ll explore these questions and more as well as practice with tools that allow us to give constructive feedback that builds connection and ultimately enhances the power dynamics we enjoy so much. (“s-types” only, please)

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

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