InTheSkies is Deaf - but don't let that quickly fool you when it comes to the dark arts of understanding nonverbal communication - as he is fluent in five different languages (English, EspaƱol, American Sign Language, Australian Sign Language, and British Sign Language). He travels the world almost every weekend visiting more than 97 different countries so far learning new things about different cultures and languages. He also has been involved with the BDSM community for the last 11 years and understands the importance of communication in the lifestyle. He brings back the breadth of his knowledge and shares with the community the importance of understanding nonverbal communication when it comes to body language, expectations, and societal cues. These aspects are often overlooked which can cause misunderstandings when the body language does not match up with what is being said.

InTheSkies's Workshops

Non-verbal Communication in Kink

Have you ever dreamed of a scene that flowed without words? Have you thought about how to communicate through body language and facial expressions, issuing or following subtle commands through the use of hands? If these Jedi mind tricks sound fun, then this is the workshop for you. Together, we journey beyond sound, exploring nonverbal communication.

Type of workshop: Discussion

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