Honey_bare is a queer femme sadomasochistic rope-switch with a propensity towards edgy and heavier play. Control and suffering are two of her favorite things! She is actively involved in the DC/Baltimore scene and can often be found at The Krakens' Lair making lovely people scream in her ropes. Honey learns from and is inspired by many teachers in rope, and hopes to tie always with intent and functionality as well as aesthetic. she has presented and performed for Krakens AKademy, Black Rose, Dark Odyssey, MBE, and at other events in her local scene.

honey_bare's Workshops

Responsible Bottoming for Everyone

Contrary to what it may sometimes seem, bottoms are not just interchangeable bodies whose only responsibilities are listing limits, taking pain and safe wording. A great bottom can help a top get more out of a scene, elevate a scene from good to great, and even open the door to edgier types of play. honey will discuss what can make an experience a great one for both the top and the bottom, and what you can do to enhance the experience, even if you're not the one throwing rope or a whip. We'll talk about types of effective negotiation and communication during scenes, as well as ways to protect yourself and what to do if things go awry. We will examine everything from light pickup play to safely exploring heavier and edgier play, and various types of consent models. Regardless of what you're interested in, honey will help you to be a more informed partner, as well as to develop the tools you need in order to foster an amazing scene--from the bottom!

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

Rope Negotiation (for Tops and Bottoms)

honey's experience as a rope switch has led her to be passionate about how we approach and handle rope negotiation. Because of her experiences from both sides of the rope, honey has seen first-hand how it can go well (or poorly). Effective negotiation that prioritizes safety and articulates a rope scene that both partners will enjoy is something many people struggle with, and an area where few bottoms feel comfortable taking the lead. However, a bottom should be able to negotiate the whole scene themselves without prompting from the rigger. Likewise, a rigger should be able to ask the right questions to fully understand what their bottom is asking for. Learn how to communicate more effectively and get what you want/need out of a scene, regardless of whether you're there to tie or bottom.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

Who Needs a Rope Top? Intro to Self-Tying

One of the best ways to enjoy and master the art of rope bondage is to tie on yourself! This practice can assist you in practicing knots, rope handling, and increasing your flow while tying. As someone who initially learned rope through self-tying, honey will take students through the basics of ties you can do on yourself to experience restriction, pain, or even meditation! Depending on the speed of the group, we may have time to cover a few basics of self-suspension. Students should bring at least 2-4 pieces of rope, 26 ft in length or longer. We will briefly cover single- and double-column ties, but knowing these ahead of time will make the class go much more smoothly

Type of workshop: Lecture, Demo, Hands-On

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