HardtobeaSaint is a friendly kinkster in the DC area scene, and a veteran of many DO events. He enjoys play that is connective, unpredictable, and has a verbal component to it. An active switch, he plays on both sides of the slash and particularly enjoys switching with the same partner or bringing out the inner switch in people who haven't yet tried turning the tables yet. He is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and experience with newbies and Scene veterans alike. If you see him any time at the
event, by all means say hello, he's always happy to meet new people.

Hardtobeasaint's Workshops

Dynamic Topping: Connection, Creativity, and Control

So you have acquired and learned how to use some cool implements, you've picked up the basics of safety and negotiation, and you have a willing and enthusiastic partner to top. How do you translate all that into making an actual scene happen that flows naturally and doesn't feel too mechanical? This class will cover how to prepare for a scene as a top, and then how to improvise and stay in control of the experience, as the play takes on a natural life of its own. Geared towards aspiring, new, and intermediate tops and anyone who wants to play with them.

Type of workshop: Lecture, Discussion

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