One day Finn woke up and realized he was an educator. Confused about how that came to be, he decided that if people were listening, he better come up with good stuff to say. Drawing on his decade of experience in the scene, he strives to incorporate humor and accessibility into his classes. Aside from teaching, Finn loves to create safe spaces, especially for his fellow queers to come together to hang out, cuddle and fuck.

Finn's Workshops

Poly for Non-Primaries

Relationships are complicated. When you’re in a relationship with someone who’s in another relationship, or two or three, things get even more complicated. Whether you use a defined hierarchy or not, choices are made. How do you manage your desires and expectations of time, energy, etc, when you fall or feel further out on the priority spectrum? Join a discussion of how to identify and communicate your wants and needs and find satisfaction in the connection you already have.

Type of workshop: Discussion

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