DreamTigress & FireSongWolf

DreamTigress & FireSongWolf tend to be known for sensation play and sensational scenes. They routinely presented the Sensation station at Black Rose’s Dungeon 101 event, and have taught folks about the fun of sensation scenes. They've volunteered for events and venues as staff and security, always looking to lend a hand. DreamTigress has been involved in the public scene for over 19 years, and FireSongWolf has been actively learning and growing in the scene for about 6 years. They are both open minded switches, more likely to make you laugh and think than to preach dogma at you.

DreamTigress & FireSongWolf's Workshops

Sensational Kink

The human body is an amazing machine covered in nerve endings, and equipped with five marvelous senses. Taking multiple senses into account when playing can make your scenes more fulfilling and sensual. Would you like to create more exciting scenes in which all of the senses are involved and the mind fully engaged? Would you like to discover new and interesting ways to use your toys? This class is for beginners and experienced kinksters alike. There will be ideas presented that can be useful to all types of scenes, discussion of theory and practice, and some hands on demonstrations.

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo, Hands-On

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