Cannon & Killjoy

Cannon is a rope top whose style emphasizes intimacy, connection and control. With nearly fifteen years of experience, and teaching and performance credits throughout North America, he brings both authenticity and accessibility to audiences of all skill levels. Killjoy’s bottoming style is playful, sensual, and emotionally complex. As an educator she is passionate about consent, active/engaged bottoming, and building connective experiences from both sides of the exchange. Together, they have presented for groups such as Shibaricon, Bondage Expo Dallas, Dark Odyssey, Ropecraft, and

Cannon & Killjoy's Workshops

Rope Bondage for Sex

Level: Beginner

Requires 4 lengths of 25-30 ft. long rope (about quarter-inch or 6mm diameter is ideal) per pair of students. Bring a yoga mat or a blanket, as you’ll be working on the ground. Partner required.

Forget the long list of complicated knots. This hands-on workshop is all about how to use rope to help you get right to the down and dirty. This class is active and very hands-on. We’ll cover elements of safety, and how to use fast, simple ties for fun, safe and sexy bedroom bondage. Designed to be used with bodies of all types, sizes, flexibilities, and genders. Come with an open mind and a freed libido. A practice partner is required for the hands-on (read: most fun) portions of this class.

Type of workshop: Demo, Hands-On, Participation Appreciated

Takate Kote Drills

The takate kote is a popular class of Japanese style rope chest harnesses. Most variants are constructed from a common pool of design elements, which also appear in other Japanese and Japanese-inspired ties. This hands-on class will introduce and drill design elements common to most TK forms, emphasizing efficient tying and good rope handling techniques. With practice, the student will build muscle memory for these elements, helping them excel in a subsequent class on a specific takate kote variant. Requires about six-to eight 25-30 ft. long ropes (about quarter-inch diameter) and a (patient) partner. Beginner through intermediate skill level.

Type of workshop: Demo, Hands-On

The "Fishbone" Arms-Front Chest Harness

Cannon’s “Fishbone Harness” is an advanced skill-level chest harness which attractively binds the bottom’s arms in front of their torso. It is ideal for those with limited flexibility and injuries, as well as those looking for alternatives to harnesses which bind the arms behind the back. It is suitable for intimate floorwork as well as suspension. This is a complicated tie with many steps, requiring highly proficient rope handling. Novices and intermediate-level students may find the tie to be challenging to follow along with, but are welcome to observe. At least three 25-30' lengths of rope and a partner is required. Tying this harness with rope thicker than 8mm (5/16") is very difficult.

Type of workshop: Demo, Hands-On

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