In the world of rope bondage and BDSM, you would be hard pressed to find a presenter as dedicated to his craft and the lifestyle as Aeolis Est. Bringing an intense love and dedication to all things rope & sadism, their classes, presentations, and performances showcase not only precision and skill, but passion and sheer eroticism. Through the years, Aeo has explored the richness and beauty of rope bondage, from eastern to western, forging their own special brand of rope play which blends the many differing styles found in the rope community today.

With each new thing learned and experienced, Aeo’s commitment to learning everything they can about the art they adore continues to grow, which shows not only in the classes they share, but in the excitement and passion they bring to everything they do. In presenting, Aeo utilizes this passion in sharing their own particular love of rope, and invites others to travel along this path with them to a greater understanding of the subject we all love.

Aeolis's Workshops

Partial Suspensions - Not just a bridge between Earth and Sky

Many rope lovers utilize the partial as merely a stepping stone to full suspension without stopping to fully marvel in the complexity and beauty that can be found in a bottom touching both earth and sky. Partials allow for an immense array of creativity, and in this class we will attempt to scratch the surface of what is there. We will discuss positions, partial transitions, and the various techniques that make use of the partial suspension.

Type of workshop: Discussion, Demo

Sacred Rope - Building a sacred space through rope

There is a magic to rope play, a place where both Top and bottom can explore trance-like states, and explore the spiritual space that flows through and around all energy players. This class discusses that energy, covers ways of adding energy play to your rope scene, and a few ways to prepare a sacred space from within which we can explore the spirituality of BDSM and rope play.

Type of workshop: Discussion

Sacred Sexuality - Rituals and Practices of Spiritual Sensuality and Play

Our society has long held the concept that sexuality and spirituality do not mix, often teaching the exact opposite where exploring your sexuality is a sin. For some, this may be the truth, for others this is as far from truth as can be found. Together we will discuss not only how to bring sensuality into your sacred space, but how to craft rituals of exploration and worship centered around sex and other pleasures of the flesh.

Type of workshop: Discussion

Slave Training 101 - Taking D/s to the next level

I’m pretty certain we’ve been fetishizing slavery since the first person was bonked on the head with a stick and dragged into a cave somewhere. While slave training in those bygone days was probably pretty much a matter of saying “here, do this thing!” modern day Lifestyle slave training can be quite a bit different. For most of us, we simply have to take practical reality into consideration when contemplating training, but what does that look like? Together we will discuss setting up a training program, different areas to train in, and those pesky practical considerations of training a slave in the modern world.

Type of workshop: Discussion

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